McVicars Cricket bats

Cricket Bats

Custom Range- $595

High quality first grade English willow, hand finished and shaped in Australia. Each bat is pressed for maximum performance and ping to ensure you always get value for your shots. Oh and of course you can tell us what specifications you want!

Nulla Nulla Р$450

High quality English Willow. Hand Finished and shaped in Australia. A different look but equal in performance. Go to the shop section to choose your preferences for this beauty.

Equipment Range

Free shipping anywhere in Australia for orders in excess of $200.

Equipment range section

Mens batting Pads – $100

Very light, modern cricket pads, comfortable and sturdy.

Mens wheel bag – $90

High quality, large kit bag, Nice and light, spacious wheel bag.

Mens Batting Gloves- $70

Test match quality for superior protection and comfort.

Mens Thigh Guard – $40

‘Old school’ thigh guard, light weight, sturdy protection and comfortable.


Mens bat cover – $15

Individual assorted grips – $5 each
10 for $40.00