Where are the bats made?

Each bat is hand-crafted and individually finished in our Townsville workshop. We also have a representative in Sydney if you would like to arrange to see a sample.

Are all McVicar’s Bats First grade English Willow?

We offer high quality first and second grade English Willow. We will ask for your preference before the bat is made. See the Equipment section of our site for more details.

How can you help me choose the bat that’s best for me?

We will talk you through all of the various options you may not realise are available to you when selecting your ideal bat. Then we will use your feedback as the blue print for making your perfect bat.

Can I use a different sticker set?

You can choose to use our sticker design, your own sticker design or even decide to leave the face of the bat sticker-free. We do not however use other bat manufacturers sticker sets on the bats.

What are the handles made from?

Our bat handles are made from cane, cork and rubber. All our handles are fitted with a quality wood glue.

What is Extratec?

Extratec is a self-adhesive film that prevents blade damage by sealing the face of the bat. The toe of the bat will remain exposed and will require oil.

What oil is used to oil the bat?

All bats are oiled with raw linseed oil.

Will my bat be knocked in for me?

Yes. All bats come knocked in however we highly recommend you play your bat in gently. Face slower bowling, avoid Yorkers, and hit catches.